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About Us

Nutra Skyn Care takes pride in presenting ourselves as pioneers in opening in India the unique market segment of “Hair Building Fibers” and launching “TOPPIK” hair building fibers.

“TOPPIK” is the world’s leading brand of hair building fibers. “TOPPIK” manufacturer Spencer Forrest Inc. USA imposed tremendous faith and trust in appointing “Nutra Skyn Care” as legally authorised “Sole Distributors” for “TOPPIK” in India.

Having successfully entrenched “TOPPIK” hair building fibers ,”Nutra Skyn Care” now prepares to introduce the comprehensive range of “TOPPIK” hair care products, including “Fiberhold spray”, “Hair Fattener”, “Hair Building Shampoo”, “Hair Building Conditioner”, “Hairline Optimiser” and “Spray Applicator”.

Providing world class customer service has been our motto and this has enabled us to build a solid base of satisfied loyal customers.

However Nutra Skyn Care would like to caution prospective customers that “TOPPIK’s” success has prompted many “fly by night operators” to smuggle in duplicate and fake “TOPPIK” lookalikes by avoiding import duty and other Government levies. Such products might contain harmful substances.

So, purchase genuine “TOPPIK” bearing MRP and (red colored) “Genuinity Seal” only from Nutra Skyn Care.

Remember only Nutra Skyn Care is registered with Government of India as a genuine “TOPPIK” importer and no other company is authorised or has rights to promote & sell “TOPPIK” in India.

Our sincere request not to fall prey to low prices for “TOPPIK” offered on various shopping portals and websites by unauthorised illegal companies.

Nutra Skyn Care delivers genuine “TOPPIK” to your doorstep directly from the manufacturer by complying with all customs and import regulations.

“TOPPIK” from Nutra Skyn Care enables you to experience the 1 minute transformation and cover your bald patch instantly.